Fall Semester 2013 (draft)
Meeting time: Thursdays, 3:30-5:00
We are hoping to set up distance sharing sites in local schools so that teachers and fellows can participate at an earlier time without having to travel.
(Last year's meeting time: Tuesdays 4:30-6:00 p.m.)

Contact for meeting information or questions, Fall & Spring 2013-2014:
Joyce Smart: joyce.smart@loganschools.org
Eric Rowley: eric.rowley@usu.edu
August 29: Initial Journal Club Meeting and MfA Cohort Meeting
Sign up for presentations for Journal Club (you can email Joyce, see above)

September 5: Journal Club - Joyce Smart
the research of Kay Stacy and Mollie MacGregor on the understanding of symbolism that students bring to Algebra

September 12: Journal Club
Mary Pilgrim's presentation at the U of U

September 19: Journal Club and MfA Cohort Meeting

September 26: Journal Club - Debbie Alcox
conic sections

October 3: Journal Club - Curtis Frazier
Writing in Mathematics Teaching

Gopen, G. D., & Smith, D. A. (1990). What's an Assignment Like You Doing in a Course Like This?: Writing to Learn Mathematics. The College Mathematics Journal, 21(1), 2–19. doi:10.2307/2686716

Price, J. J. (2011). Learning Mathematics Through Writing: Some Guidelines. College Mathematics Journal, 20(5), 393–401.
October 10: Journal Club and MfA Cohort Meeting

[Fall Break]

October 24: Journal Club - Troy Jones

[October 25-26 Fall Workshop: Math for America-Utah]

October 31: Journal Club - Kim Ammons

[November 1-2: UCTM Fall Conference]

November 7: Journal Club - Marissa Utterberg
The research article is:
Carpenter, S. K., Pashler, H., Wixted, J. T., & Vul, E. (2008). The effects of tests on learning and forgetting. Memory & Cognition, 36(2), 438–448.
Blog discussion

November 14: Journal Club and MfA Cohort Meeting - Brynja Kohler

November 21: Journal Club - Brandee Merkley

[ Thanksgiving Holiday]

December 5: Journal Club

[Finals week]