Fall Semester 2012

August 27
Introductions and Organization
Brynja Kohler
"Statement on Competencies in Mathematics Expected of Entering College Students" by California's ICAS.

September 3
Labor Day - No meeting

September 10
Continue Discussion from August 27 Meeting
Brynja Kohler
Please finish the reading on your own before our meeting. Some specific discussion questions we will address are:
1, How does the ICAS document compare with the Utah Core Standards?
2, What should be modified if this document were not specific to college readiness, but about high school graduation?
3, Should more or less mathematics be taught in schools?
4, Are the examples in the subject matter section good problems? What for?
5, How would different stakeholders use this document?
6, Is this statement about college readiness reflected in college instruction of mathematics?

September 17
Math for America Cohort Meeting
Chelsea Parrish (Logan High School) presenting

September 24
Michael Buhler (USU) presenting
Spock, Euler and Madison: Graph Theory as a Vehicle to Teach Mathematical Thinking: What do Spock, Euler and Madison have in common? Graph Theory of course! We will explore how to use graph theory to get students to think about math in new ways. Students will be perplexed be the impossibility of a five-colorable map, learn to prove theorems with water pipes, interpret data by predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl using Tournaments and so much more using the conceptually simple and yet pedagogically rich mathematics of connections called Graph Theory.

October 1
Presenter: Brynja Kohler
Probability for 7th Graders

October 8
Presenter: Ashley Salisbury
Topic: TBA

[MfA Fall Conference Oct 12-13]

October 15
Presenter: Derrick Harkness
Topic: "Preparing and Supporting Mentor Teachers of Field Experiences for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Candidates.”
Gutierrez_Teacher_Communities, linda_darlinghammond_article1, TeachingWorks, Leatham_and_Peterson

October 22
Lesson Study
Brynja Kohler

[UCTM Oct 26-27]

October 29
Presenter: Justin Heavilin: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions.
I have typed up some notes and my thoughts that I hope will help guide a discussion on how to better introduce and develop the ideas of logarithms, exponents, inverse functions and transcendental numbers.

November 5
Presenter: Eric Thorson
Bosse 2008

November 12
Math for America Cohort Meeting
Debrief UCTM & Fall Workshop
Stacey Seeger (Granite Peaks High School) presenting

November 19
Ashley Salisbury
Implementing Portfolios as a form of assessment

November 26
Shawn Fowers

December 3
Curtis Frazier

December 10
Math for America Cohort Meeting
Eric Rowley leads problem solving.
The following resources have to do with teaching portfolio development: UETS, portfolios-UETS, USU teaching portfolios, Peer Evaluation